Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s valuable lessons from Google

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Dick_CostoloBefore becoming Twitter CEO in 2010, Costolo worked at Google for two years working with Susan Wojcicki.

Two things he noted in a recent interview as significant while there, in terms of management in large organizations, was:

1) OKR (Objectives and Key Results) – benchmarking yourself against goals you set every quarter is important not only as a performance evaluation, but more importantly as a communication vehicle. Said Costolo, “It was a super effective way of communicating context to other teams about what you’re trying to do and what you’re trying to accomplish.”

2) Make sure everybody understands what you understand. This ties into people understanding the context of why you’re trying to do what you’re doing.

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Fix your crappy vision with this iOS app

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eyeUltimEyes, an iOS app developed by a neuroscientist at UC Riverside, that claims an average improvement in vision of 31%. It requires using it in 32 (4/week), 25-minute intervals.

It works not by improving your eyes’ muscle or physical improvement in that sense. Instead, it employs neuroplasticity to rewire your brain into changing how it interprets what it sees.

(Source: Popular Mechanics)

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Stopping pain with light

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light-sensitive_miceScientists at Stanford’s Bio-X lab have discovered how light can lead to pain relief. Specifically, they took mice that were genetically bred to have pain-sensing nerves in their paws, and that when they applied different shades of yellow light on their feet, the mice would vary in their sensitivity to pain.

(Source: Stanford via Geekosystem)

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Is running a psychological addiction? No, seriously?

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marathonI get people training to run for marathons since it’s a goal you’re trying to reach.

But James McWilliams, a lifelong runner himself, brings up the very real addictive aspects of his chosen sport to the point where he’s receiving a marginal decrease to his health, yet he pushes on. Exercise addiction, crazy stuff.

(Source: Pacific Standard)

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Toy Story Conspiracy

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Toy_StoryLiked the Pixar movies? Wait til you hear this…

Andy’s mom is the one who previously owned Jessie.

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Competitive eater downs 4 Chipotle burritos and a Diet Coke in 3 minutes

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competitive_chipotle_eater2The thing is, he KNEW he was only going to eat 4 (he only had 4 out there), so…conspiracy?

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Carbon Fiber vs. Steel – just how much stronger?

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The visit to a Lotus F1 testing facility answers that question, as that dude from Top Gear has a guy test the torque of rod made of each material.

Let’s just say, it ain’t pretty for the much heavier steel.

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Gauze replacement stops gunshot bleeding in 15 seconds

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XstatStopping an artery from bleeding is a horrible task – gauze is stuffed into the wound and pressure is applied for 3 minutes. If the bleeding hasn’t stopped, you must removed the gauze and start again.

Oregon-based RevMedx has a better solution – a modified syringe that injects tiny sponges that expand, filling the cavity and stopping bleeding in as little as 15 seconds. Called XStat, the syringe is waiting on FDA approval and has a seed grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


(Source: Popular Science)

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They’re playing competitively? Ridiculously entertaining ping-pong match out of Taiwan

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ping-pong_table_tennisBelgium’s Jean-Michel Saive, a decorated player with 130 medals (51 gold), played Taiwan’s Chuang Chih-Yuan in a match that’s pretty ridiculous throughout, but gets even more so at around 7:30, when Saive steps out of the ring to play a point. Chuang would go on to win it 4-0, but our bet is that Saive didn’t really care.

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Like anybody would know – scientist claims cats view you as just another cat

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cat_chillinBiologist John Bradshaw, who recently released the book Cat Sense, has studied cat behavior for the last 30 years. And after all his research, his conclusion is that cats view humans as a combination of mother-substitutes and just large, non-hostile cats.

(Source: NY Times)

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