Gillian Vigman: The woman in every commercial you’ve ever seen

Posted Apr 17, 2013 at 11:26AM By Filed Under: Entertainment/Sports

Gillian_VigmanThere are certain actors in commercials who we see all the time: the girl in the T-Mobile commercials, the actress who plays Flo in the Progressive Insurance ads, and the guy from the Allstate Insurance ads where he plays the rat in your attic (he’s also Tina Fey’s “Beeper King” boyfriend in 30 Rock).

But few actors cross companies and products as much as Gillian Vigman. Rather than being the spokesperson for any single product, Vigman is recognizable as appearing in nondescript parts for a number of different brands, including:

Swiffer Duster
Buick cars
1-800 Contacts
Chase United credit card
Jack in the Box (playing Jack’s wife)

The 41-year-old usually plays a housewife, sometimes with kids.

What’s bizarre is that she’s a legit actress who has appeared in a number of tv shows (including a recurring role on MADtv), and she plays the wife of Phil (Bradley Cooper) in the Hangover 1-3.